With expertise developed over the years, our aim is to help you seamlessly set up your preschool or a daycare.

Our services include a wide range of consultancy and execution.


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  • Managing the logistics of the daycare centre

  • Safety Measures

  • Soft skills / Admission Procedure

  • Computer Analysis

  • Teacher  Training / Concerning an important area

  • Being polite

  • Training maids

  • Training - Handling a 3-month-old child

  • Training teachers how to handle a child who is throwing tantrums

  • Sleep schedule of the kids

  • Food-related queries / Giving well balanced and nutritious food along with fruits

  • Having age-appropriate toys

  • Starting extra classes in the evening with a target age group

  • Activity classes for the Daycare kids

  • Open door policy

  • Advertising

  • Making a budget

  • Parents are looking for a variety of daycare options. So, make your daycare unique based on the person you are.

  • Information on basic requirements for preschools

  • Be the provider you know you can be and not some version of what you think parents are looking for.

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Other upcoming services

  • Teachers Recruitment

  •  Science Workshops

  • Creative Workshops

  • Setting up extracurricular activities for various age groups

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