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Vacations- uuaaaah- How Parents can Deal with Long Breaks / Holidays?

Long Breaks- Nightmare for the parents

My today's post needs involvement of parents. In my next post, i will give activities which the kids can do it themselves.

These activities involve at least one of the parent or elderly person.

· Recollect some old favorite games, like hopscotch, gilli danda, pithu, etc etc.


· Play Frisbee.

· Bake a cake / cookies / etc

· Cook using only OTG, no open fire

· Reading with them – story book / newspaper

· Make a lemonade stand on a weekend for your friends and their family.

· Make a time capsule for fun with your friends.

· Go to a library. Check out events for kids.

· Go bowling.

· Go for a picnic to a local closer by park if the weather permits.

· Hit a beach with friends, play safe.

· Star gazing at night in a balcony or in the open park.

· Invent your own board game and try playing with your friends

· Play carom

· Go cycling with a group of friends / family members

· Go bush walking on a hill but be safe.

· Do some science experiment

· Do some planting in your locality / home / society / hill. It should be closer to your house so that it can be taken care of.

· Create an Activity Bucket- there’s plenty to do around your house, but the kids aren’t great at taking the first step. Write down potential activities on popsicle sticks, and stick them in a jar or bucket. Let the kids choose one activity each day, and make it happen.

· Making homemade ice cream- kids love it but supervision is needed.

· Making something out of waste- making your imagination go wild with the things available at home.

· Organize some play dates. Plan some play dates and invite friends over. While they spend time with their friends it may give you the opportunity to get some work done and perhaps even connect with other parents. Plus…the invite may be returned some day.

· Create a Summer Diary- It is like a memory pad.

· Create a summer memory board- Kids love to collect things, whether it’s movie tickets, stamps or rocks from each park you visit. And if you’re like many parents, you like to take photos of your kids having fun. Combine all these memory-sparking items and photos onto a summer memory board.

All you need is a large cork board, which you can get for a few rupees at a local craft store. Each time you try something new or create new memories, add to your board. Looking at the board may help spark new activity ideas for your kids, and it’ll be a great memento to have at the end of the summer.

· Start a small business- If you want to keep your kids really busy this summer, get them thinking about how to earn, save, and invest money. Young kids can plan for a garage sale late in the summer, spending the summer sorting through clothes and toys they no longer need.

· Play with boxes – Keep a whole lot of boxes of different shapes and sizes. Kids love to role play.

· Go camping (in your living room!)- This is fun and easy to organize for your family. We love to do this at our house because it is like an ‘adventure’ in your own living room. They will cook hot-dogs, pizzas and have fun! They can use the microwave to do all of the cooking. Rent movies, make popcorn, have hot dogs and fruit juices. The kids love it! Plus, you can do this in the middle of the day. We usually start in the afternoon and just “camp out” and play “camp” in our living room until bedtime and then they go to their beds to sleep. We pretend to hike, we pretend to fish, etc…

· Have a “Chill Day”- Go easy. Make sure you plan some days where you just chill. Give the kids a break from any activity and let them do what they want to.

Lastly, I just wanted to mention. It is good to keep the kids away from gadgets but it is not practical. Give them a dedicated amount of screen time so that they are happy. Make a deal with them.

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