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Tips for Breaking Bad habits

Scribbling on board is a good habit but many kids start to scribble on the walls which is not at all good.

Parents get very concerned when it comes to Bad Habits. At times ignorance is a bliss because some Bad Habits fade away with time. But some Habits have to be distracted or the child should be educated about the same.

· Ignoring the bad habits results in the habit dying out soon the child may also outgrow the habit in some time.

· Praising and rewarding – Encouraging the good habits in children is a good way to make the child avoid bad habits.

· Educating the child about the negative results of the bad habit is a good way to break the habit.

· One at a time— When a child develops more than one bad habit at a time, it is wise to try to eliminate a single bad habit at a time with patience instead of handling all of them together.

· Search the root cause—The root cause of most bad habits is stress and depression. The child must be shown love and affection to handle certain situations.

· Setting rules—The child must be made to follow some rules. One must be firm and consistent in handling the child to keep a check on the child’s bad habit.

· Boosting morale— The child develops emotional stability when supported with love and patience. Have faith in the child and give him an opportunity to make decisions.

Lastly, I can conclude saying that BAD HABITS take time to fade off so be patient with your child and with yourself. At times, we as parents we get frustrated and start to think ourselves responsible for bad Habits. It may be true in some cases and may not be true in many cases. If needed a child psychologist can be consulted.

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