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Supplies needed to start a Daycare-

After the place is selected for the Daycare and the legal processes done, now it is time to get the essentials of the Daycare.

When you are starting with a Day home, you will immediately need a flow of essentials/supplies of different kinds.

Safety Items- Cannot compromise

· Fire extinguisher

· Flashlights or emergency light

· Cabinet locks

· Door stoppers

· First aid kit

· Caps for electric points ( if the electric points are down, within the reach of the infant ).

· These safety items are listed first in the daycare supply list because their importance is paramount. Your first order of business is safety.


· SUPPLY OF DIAPERS- Your daycare supply list must include items normally provided by parents. Generally providers ask that diapers/wipes are supplied by parents. I always did, but on occasion the supply would run out and a parent would forget to bring more. These are items you don’t want to be short-handed on.

Showing few Supplies

· Wet Wipes- Remember baby wipes come in handy a lot of times for a quick hand wipe during meals or a messy activity.

· Cotton Handkerchief- Keeping a few of them extra in the daycare in handy because at times few kids may have sensitive skin so we have to use normal handy for a quick cleanup.

· Keeping few extra Shorts and T-Shirts for the ages you are catering in your daycare is a good idea. At times, parents don’t give enough clothes or the child has used up more than needed so the extra clothes come in handy. The parent should be informed and they have to wash and sanitize it before returning.

· You'll need at least 15 day’s worth of breakfast, lunch and snack items. Make sure your daycare supply list covers the food groups, and that there is enough so that particularly hungry children can eat enough. Some kids will eat more and some kids will eat less, some kids will take 2-3 servings also so you have to keep enough to cater to all the kids. The list of food items varies from daycare to another and their age group also. You'll learn soon enough just how much food to prepare.

· TOYS- Start with the basics.

Some type of building set such as Blocks, Linking chains, Logs, Large Lego ( if you hv the budget ). Cars, trucks, dolls and doll accessories. Puzzles and coloring books with crayons. Classic games like Ludo, Snacks and Ladders and Memory games ( if you have kids over 5 years). Play kitchen items and a dress up box. And books! These are the items that will keep kids busy for hours.

ü While you are gathering your toys, remember to accept toys in good condition only. Make sure there are no missing parts, and that you have a variety for different age children. Once your home daycare is established and you are making a regular income, you’ll be able to buy new age appropriate toys specifically for the children in your care.

· ART AND CRAFT SUPPLIES- If you have children, you probably should have some crafts supplies already. Your daycare craft supply list should include the basics, eg. Crayons, markers, paints, blunt edge scissors, coloured paper, glue, small and large sequences, glitters. Pom pom balls, etc. You can get some more craft stuff once you have a steady income.

· Sleeping Supplies- Sleeping is very important for the kids. For infants and toddlers, you'll need a crib. For older children you can use actual beds like in your home but small in size. You can also purchase nap mats or baby cots. Should you decide to purchase mats, cots or beds. Always purchase more than you think you will need right away (unless your budget is really tight). Kids will increase in due course of time.

·The reason I suggest this is because buying some now and some later will not necessarily result in matching ones. Buying several at a time means nap-time looks more uniform and there will be no child having a melt-down because they wanted "that one". Don't forget pillows and blankets or ask parents to provide them. Usually parents provide the blankets and sheets.

Most of the list is covered in the Daycare supply list. These will get you started. And as when whatever is required you can buy eventually.

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