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Sleep Schedule

Today we are talking about a very important concern of our kids. Yes, it is Sleep Schedule. This factor is important for the adults as well.

Irregular Bedtime for Children leads to the following-

· Worse Behavior

· Mood issues

· Slower Development

· Health Issues

· Lower Test Scores

· Lower reaction time

· Overeating

Irregular Bedtime for Adults lead to the following-

· Increased risk of cardiovascular disease

· Memory loss

· Risk of slowed reaction times

· Irritability

· Anxiety

· Obesity

· High blood pressure

· Diabetes

There is no escaping to lesser sleep. Sleep is basically the healing period for the body. It is often said, when a child is sick, he / she should sleep maximum to recover faster.

How to maintain a proper Sleep Schedule for children-

· Make sleep timing a priority for the entire family. Putting a child to sleep every day at the same time is difficult but not impossible. 15 – 30 minutes diversion is fine. A nice story can put the child to sleep faster.

· Healthy Meals at regular time with proper intervals can also help to set the routine.

· Routine routine routine – This is all….. what kids need to incur a change in their present schedule.

· Dinner should not be too early as the kids might get hungry in the middle of the night. Yet the dinner should not be too heavy as it might interfere with sleep. They can feel bloated also. If the dinner is light, then give them a fruit, milk, whole grain biscuit, something light before going to sleep.

· Room Temperature- The child’s room should be cool but not cold. Children often do not cover themselves with a blanket / sheet. So keep the room comfortable and not cold.

· Sleep environment- Childs bedroom should be dark and quiet and the noise level in the h

Sleep is one of the most important aspects of growing up

ouse should be low. If your child does not like a totally dark room, turn on a small night light, or leave the passage light on and the door to the bedroom open.

· Security object- Bedtime means separation, and that can be easier for kids with a personal object, like a doll, teddy bear, or blanket. It can provide a sense of security and comforts and reassures your child before he / she falls asleep.

· Last but not the least- Kids will always ask for that one last thing -- hugs, kisses, a sip of water, a trip to the bathroom, just one more book or one more last story. Do your best to head off these requests by making them part of the bedtime routine. Water is still fine. Let your child know that once she is in bed, she has to stay in bed.

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