• Madhurima Majumder

Sleep Mistakes Which Parents Usually Do-

When the new member (Baby) has arrived in the family, the most important 3 things sh

ould be taken care of –

1. Sleep

2. Feeding

3. Basic Hygiene to be followed

Today we will be talking about the “Sleep” habits which needs to be incorporated.

We should firstly know, what are the benefits of sleep-

· Sleep promotes growth of the child in all aspects including weight

· Sleep protects and helps the heart to be relaxed

· Sleep is the healer, it helps to kill germs

· Sleep reduces injury risk. When they sleep well, the brain is relaxed so the risk of injury is reduced.

· Sleep increases the child’s attention span.

· Sleep boosts learning. Children learn a lot even when they are sleeping. A lot keeps happening in their subconscious mind.

Sleep Mistakes which Parents Do-

· Don’t assume your new born child will sleep forever peacefully. Times will change in few months. You are lucky even after 3 months your child sleeps so much. If the child has its stomach full, we can assume that the child should sleep well. Feeding is an important part of better sleep.

· Sleeping on the couch with a newborn in your arms is really dangerous. Falling asleep on the sofa with an infant curled up on your chest is one of the best feelings in the world but this is one of the major sleep mistakes. A new mom is always tired and can dooze off anytime. If accidentally she drops the child it may cause a lot of harm to the child and she may not forgive herself. If you’re going to nap or sleep with your infant, opt for bed-sharing.

· Don’t let your newborn sleep in the car seat. . According to research, allowing an infant to sleep in a bucket car seat that’s been placed on the floor is a safety hazard, as the baby’s head can fall forward and cut off her airway. Due to the angle of the seat design, it’s much safer to let your newborn nap in the car seat while it’s attached to the base, installed in the car, or clicked into a stroller using the proper stroller/car seat adapter.

· Don’t put sleep training in the side line because the baby is teething.

Some activity or the other will keep happening.

-Your baby is always teething.

-Or sick with a cold/cough.

-Or coming down with something.

-Or recovering from something.

-Or over-tired.

So keep the sleep training on most of the times, there can be exceptions e.g., fever, vaccinations, etc.

· Don’t stop room sharing till the child is 1 year old. The child sleeps better when sleeping with mom and dad. It again depends from child to child.

This was a small gist of the sleep mistakes which parents do.

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