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Saving Money On Childcare Without Compromising

Save money on Childcare

Childcare is expensive but it can be affordable with a few changes.

You may believe it's too expensive for your family, but once you explore the options you might be surprised. With a little creativity, proper planning, research and investigating, you can uncover many great ways to save money and find reliable people to care for your kids while you are at work.

Here are 20 ways to lower your childcare costs:

1. Determine your budget

Going for the best Day care will be expensive. If you are keeping an average of 4 hours daily, which will cover a major meal then you can go for a good Day care, the best Day care is not needed. If u are keeping the child for 8 hours or more then you need to keep your child in the best Day care. How much money can you spare for child care? When you actually start crunching numbers, you might be able to afford more than you thought. Knowing your budget will give you a great starting point for evaluating your options.

You should also keep the option of Nanny open. You may need her in case of emergency.

2. Start early

Start your search soon and don't wait until the last minute. Their maybe early month discount, year end discount, half yearly discount, annual discount, festive discount, inaugural discount, etc etc.

3. Sign up for a Dependent Bank Account

This account shows only the Day care expenses. Many a times, companies reimburse the entire or half of the total expenditure annually.

The companies may covers expenses for day

care, preschool / School and even summer / winter camps — anything that's needed so you can go to work. Keep good records, as you must submit reimbursement requests to get the money back.

4. Talk to HR

Companies are starting to recognize the burden that working parents face when it comes to child care – and they're creating benefits to help.

What benefits does your company offer? Some businesses offer child care reimbursements for working parents. Check in with your human resources department so you don't miss out on these money-saving benefits.

5. Use of Corporate Day care

If your company has an Corporate Daycare / On-site Day care, it can save your family money, while offering you peace of mind. Generally, Corporate Day care is more affordable than a day care in your locality. And, best of all, your kids are nearby. You can go and see your child

6. Shift your schedule

If you can't afford to stay at home full-time, what about part-time? You can find lots of jobs that offer a more flexible schedule, and then you only have to cover child care costs for part of the week.

If part-time isn't an option, what about talking to your employer about a flexible schedule? Can you work only a few days a week, but put in long hours? Or you can work 4 hours from the office and 4 hours from home. This is how you can just keep your child in the Day care for 4 hours or half a day.

Talk to your partner / husband about coordinating flexible work schedules so that when you are going to work your partner takes over to watch the child. In short, each parent can take a different shift, you can reduce the overall need for child care.

7. Share child care

If you have friends who are also looking for child care, get together and form a nanny-share. You hire one nanny to watch both sets of kids and share the cost.

8. Hire a College student for after-school child care

Your kids get out of school at 3 p.m., but you don't get home from work until 6. What do you do? When you need is someone to watch your kids for a few short hours, a great cost-effective option can be hiring a college student babysitter to help out. College students have a flexible schedule and are great for keeping younger kids occupied or prodding slightly older kids to get homework done. This can be used when your child is in Pre school. Don’t keep toddlers with college students.

Not sure if a teen will work for you? Check out your 10 Options for After-School Child Care.

9. Combine jobs - Consider: Is Your Nanny Your Housekeeper?

Sometimes nannies are willing to take on additional duties that can make this a more affordable option. See if your nanny is willing to and has the skills necessary to also handle some housekeeping, pet care or gardening. Of course, you'll need to pay her more for the extra work, but it will be less than hiring a completely new person. Just make sure her priority is always your kid/kids.

10. Family Planning - Have kids close together or far apart.

If we are aware that we will be dependent on child care then it is better to plan our kids. Obviously, this is only really relevant to those of us who may be in the family planning stages of parenting. That said, timing can be crucial when it comes to the cost of child care. Children born close together or further apart may help reduce your overall child care costs. There are pros and cons to both. Some day care centre’s may offer a reduced or discounted rate for the second child if both are enrolled at the same time. On the other hand, waiting a few years in between each child allows you to save, plan, and perhaps just pay for care for the youngest child if the other is old enough to be enrolled in school.

11. Ask family members for help

If they have the physical and mental health and they are keen to look after your child for a couple of hours, eg. 3-4 hours then it is a win win situation for both. The child can be a source of entertainment for them in the positive sense. If kills their loneliness and it is good for their mental health. This could be a part-time arrangement, depending on the willingness of the family member. Be open, understanding and flexible when asking them about the possibility. You may want to consider offering them some time for medical help, eg taking them to the doctor for regular check ups or getting medicines for them, etc. Take into account if the child is eating anything at their place then consider paying it in kind.

12. Incorporate your hobby-

This is an optional way. If u have a hobby and if you think you can use it to create some extra income which will help to reduce the day care expenses. If it a hobby then it will be a stress reliever rather than stressful.

Lastly, you should invest in the highest quality of standards at your affordable budget to make sure your child / children are taken care of by someone who is experienced, nurturing, loving, responsible and dependable. In short, should be able to give motherly love and care, a home away from home …….

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