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Quarantine Diary -- Eyes

All kids are hooked with some gadget or the other. Therefore “Digital Eye Strain” is a nationwide problem. Few guidelines are mentioned about how to reduce the impact on eyes :

1. Wear proper eye wear/spectacles

Wear proper eye wear

Happy Kids - Eye Care - Need Of The Hour

when working on the computer. There are eyeglasses tailored for computer use and can provide comfort and reduce strain from prolonged hours in front of the monitor. Staring at digital screens can cause hazy, blurred vision and can make eyes burn and feel dry, itchy and irritated.

2. Blink often

In some cases, concentrating on work can lessen the times that a person blink. Blinking less can increase the dryness of the eyes.

3. The 20-20-20 Rule

This helps to reduce the stress of the eyes. This rule is applied as -- for every twenty minutes, look away from the computer, shift your vision and focus to an object that’s 20 feet or more away, and do it for 20 seconds.

4. Create a “bedtime” for devices.

This is great way to break the habit of gadget addiction. Too much screen time can interfere with natural sleep cycles, so turn off all devices at least one hour before children go to bed. Have a designated place like the sitting hall or guest bedroom (if you have a spare room) where you charge all devices at night. This is a great way to avoid temptation.

5. Lights On – Preferably

Eye strain can be caused by excessively bright lights or harsh lighting. When you work on the computer, make sure that the screen is not just the light source. Place a small lamp on the side of the monitor or place a soft overhead light to lessen the impact of the computer screen on your eyes.

6. Create sufficient distance between the screen and your eyes. Keep hand-held devices a good distance from the eyes at a particular angle and just below eye level to avoid strain in the eyes. The proper positioning is very important.

7. Adjust the brightness of screens. Change the background colour to cool gray. Consider adding a blue light filter to smartphones and tablets.

8. Increase text size on screens.

9. It is preferable to use laptops for longer hours of work.

These are few points which can be taken care of for your eyes while handling gadgets for a longer duration.

Hope this blog will be helpful.

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