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Quarantine Diaries - Teacher's and Children

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In this quarantine times, online teaching is the new normal. Online teaching has become a nightmare for the teachers to take classes. The teacher's face lot of issues for conducting the classes. Few problems are-

· Internet issues / wifi problem

· The children’s behavior is not appropriate at times.

· Many children just get up from sleep and start with the online classes.

They don’t even finish their morning rituals before starting classes. For these kids, concentration is an issue.

· It is difficult to explain few concepts by the teachers as it may need a practical outlook and it is difficult for the students to understand.

· The teachers are overworked. Apart from the classes which they take, they also have internal meetings, they are expected to be a part of it.

· The teachers have to be more planned before the classes.

· Their online battles with learning and handling students (both disciplined and rude) could leave impressions that last beyond the covid times of the lock-down.

· The teachers have to make do’s and don’ts which the students have to follow strictly. But many students don’t follow it effectively which becomes difficult for the teachers to handle. Like normal classes, online classes do have a time limit, therefore incorporating everything is difficult.

· Parents are of two kinds- Some parents interfere with learning and expect too much from the teacher. The other set of parents are quite reluctant about the whole concept of online education.

· Low and irregular attendance of the students gives a setback to the teachers.

· Lack of attention by students. The students find the online classes boring.

· The fear of technology (especially among older teachers) is causing added pressure to the teachers. Even the students from lower class cannot afford smart phones.

· Taking online examination/accessing the students is not accurate to some extent. Online examination is not popular at the school level in our country.

· The teaching from home along with handling household chores, have made online teaching a difficult activity for many teachers.

These were few problems which are discussed. In my next blog, we will discuss the solutions.

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