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Quarantine Diaries- Adapting to a New Normal

Settling children for online schooling —

The online schooling is the new normal for 2020. Setting a routine for your child. It starts with -- early dinner, early sleep, regular playtime, regular homework time, etc etc. 

Qurantile Diaries - Online Education Boon or Curse

So if you can follow some basic discipline which was earlier followed will help now also. 

  1. Child should sleep early max by 9.30am. Getting up on time will be easy.  Finish off the morning rituals along with milk and breakfast before school starts. 

  2. Making a formal environment for ur child / children is important. If you have a ‘Dining Table’, then it is the best. If not you have to make a formal environment. It should be a clutter free area and preferably quiet place. Reducing clutter helps kids to focus. A study table can be arranged / borrowed from friends / family. This is a temporary phase. Please don’t use a bed for online classes. 

  3. It is always better to make 2 kids sit in different rooms. One on the study table and one on the dining table which they don’t have individual rooms. If they sit on the same table, the distractions are more. I will not recommend headphones as it gets stressful after 1 or 2 hours. 

  4. They should not take toilet breaks in the middle of the class. No munching snacks like chips, chocolates, nuts, etc.  Listening to music, chatting on the whatsapp is a strict No No. School discipline should be followed. 

  5. Discourage your child - No surfing the internet / No listening to music. 

  6. Treat Teachers with respect, even if the teacher is not interesting. Everything cannot be interesting. 

  7. Homework should be written loud and clear along with the dead lines. Make a common wall where only assignments and homework should be written. Try colour coding your child’s assignment, eg, Mathematics can be in red, English can be light green.  

  8. When the child/children are doing assignments, a particular deadline should be given. They can’t be keep doing it. 

  9. Exercise always helps to think and perform better. Exercise also helps to reduce stress. It also helps to enhance concentration and memory. A particular time can be decided for exercise break. Whichever time suits you, can be a good time to exercise.

Online education/studies requires family support initially but later kids used to it. Parents cannot be carefree. Parents can always use email, text, whatsapp, video call, etc to connect with the teacher / school.

In today"s scenario, we have to be supportive with teachers, school, friends, students, parents.

This is a difficult phase and will pass by soon.


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