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Positive Dialects To Say To Your Child

You make me smile

I think about you when we’re apart

My world is better with you in it

I will do my best to keep you safe

Sometimes I will say no

I have faith in you

I know you can handle it

You are creative

Trust your instincts

Your ideas are worthwhile

You are capable

You are deserving

You are strong

You can say "NO"

Your choices matter

You make a difference

Your words are powerful

Your actions are more powerful

You are a good friend

You are kind

You don’t have to like what someone is saying in order to treat them with respect

Someone else’s poor behavior is not an excuse for your own

You are imperfect so am I

You can learn from your mistakes

You can ask for help

You are learning and growing everyday

Growing is hard work

I believe in your thoughts and ideas

You are valuable

I see you working and learning every day

You make a difference in our lives

I am curious about what you think and how do you get these brilliant ideas from? Your ideas are interesting

You’ve made me think of things in a completely new way

I’m excited to see you work on your dreams

It’s fun to do things with you

I’m glad you’re here and I’m happy to talk to you

I’m listening

I’m proud of you

I’m grateful you’re in my life

You make me smile

I love you

Seeing A Happy Child Makes Us Positive.

These are a couple of “Positive Dialects” which you as “Parents” can start off.

These “Positive Dialects” starts making the child think positive and always have an optimistic approach towards life.

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