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Need of the Hour- Why Kids Need Physical Education

Why Kids Need Physical Education

Physical Education is an integral part of growing up. It is important for the child’s body and it also helps in shaping up the brain.

It is a big concern that many schools are cutting the Physical Education, despite knowing the advantages of it.

Usually before an examination, we tell our child to read the portion again and again. For some kids it is alright but a lot of kids gets pressurised. For these kids, we should be made the atmosphere light. We can

-put on some music

- ask him to take a casual walk

- any kind of light physical activity eg. Cycling, playing any sport which he likes

- ask them to read his/her favourite book

- ask them to do some colouring. Colouring is also distressing for all ages.

Of course, you know that regular physical activity is important for kids' health and reduces their risk of becoming overweight. However, the intriguing news is that it's also associated with higher academic achievement. It is found that the kids who were more physically fit generally perform better on reading and math tests than their less-active peers. More exercise appears to provide an even greater benefit, though short bursts can also enhance a child's cognitive function.

A sedentary life and poor eating habits can lower kids’ performance in the classroom and start a cycle of health problems later in life. Studies show that kids who exercise see significant boosts in intelligence-test scores and core subjects at school, compared to their inactive peers. Keeping in mind that quantity doesn't always correspond with quality. "In a good physical-education class, kids should spend a minimum of 50 percent of the time doing at least moderate physical activity rather than standing on the side lines waiting for their turn.

Exercise also causes the brain and body to produce neurotransmitters that help brain cells communicate and enhance a child's mood, motivation and focus. We need to give them a variety of options like running, jumping, high jump, below the ladder, climb up the rope, monkey cage, etc.

At the end, exercise makes you feel good, energetic and more focused.

More ways to jiggle-

Try these ideas to make your child move, go around and achieve your goals.

· Don't rush to start homework- Let your child recharge his / her brain with active play. It is always advised to play with your child or take your child to a nearby park after school. It makes a big difference in his ability to concentrate in his studies and do his / her homework.

· Inject sweat into her study time. Brain breaks aren't just for schools. When your child is reading or writing, set a ki

Kiddo is jumping in the bouncy castle.

tchen timer for ten to 20 minutes. When it goes off, have her jump around or toss a ball or skipping, etc around before resuming the assignment. Mental breaks are very productive.

This was just a gist of why Physical Education is needed in our day to day life for us and for our kids. Start with you, then go deeper with your kids, family members and ……

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