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Nagging - A Strict No.. No.. Part 3

This is a continuation .........

This article goes out to most of the parents with positive things you can say to your children, so that – in the long run – you won’t need to nag them constantly. The next 10 points are mentioned in my earlier blog, this is a continuation.

31. “I have full trust / believe in you.” A Real Moral/Character Boost.

Your children want to know that you have trust in them, that you have faith in their character, their abilities, their confidence level and lastly your upbringing.

32. “I am observing that you have tried hard at the given

situation………” This phrase reinforces the principle that challenges are things to be embraced, not things to be avoided.

33. “Let’s do it your way.” This gives the children confidence and reinforces that your children have confidence. If their way didn’t work well then they can look for options and that their way isn’t always the only or the best way.

34. “Can you explain to me why you did it this way?” The sense of reasoning is very important. They should have a valid explanation for the work which they did. It reflects the choices of your children and on what they’re learning.

35. “You’re learning how to . . .” The learning procedure should be fun. Remind your children that the journey of learning is what matters most. In this journey of learning, you tend to learn a lot many things, you may meet different people in this journey.

36. “That was so thoughtful of you.” Acknowledging your children’s positive behaviour, helpful nature, bright outlook, enthusiastic attitude means a lot to them.

37. “Can you teach me how to . . .?” Always ask questions. Let the curious nature get enhanced. Your children will grow in confidence when they realise that you have things to learn from them too.

38. “Good point.” Always appreciate their intellectuality and boost their thinking power. As your children grow in intellectual maturity, show them that you observe this growth and development. Stay positive and always explain thing in a positive manner.

39. “I knew you could do it.” A major boost in their self-confidence. These words of encouragement will help your children to believe in themselves.

40. “How did you think of that?” Awesome solution. Encourage children and teenagers to think out of the box. They will develop problem-solving skills faster which will help them life long.

Today's blog has a few more points about positive talking, appreciating, encouraging and giving scope to the children to make mistakes, grow and learn in the journey called life.

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