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Nagging A Strict No No.... Part 2

This is a continuation of this --

A Perfect Family. Have To Train Our Kids To Be Global Citizens.


This article goes out to most of the parents with positive things you can say to your children, so that – in the long run – you won’t need to nag them constantly. The first 20 points are mentioned in my earlier blog, this is a continuation.

21. “I’m ready to listen.” By telling your children that you’re ready to listen. Mention them that you will not judge them on the basis of the discussion. They’ll be more willing to share what’s in their heart. As parents, be open minded. Your child can discuss anything.

22. Don’t put clauses for “Love”. “I love you irrespective of any situation.” Children and teenagers need to know that they are loved unconditionally. But yes, if they deliberately make mistakes then they will have to face consequences.

23. “You make me smile.” By saying this, you’ll make your children’s day. This is major mood enhancer.

24. “Your opinion is important.” Your children will feel significant when you say this to them. Include them in the decision making in family matters. And when they feel significant, they’ll behave more responsibly.

25. “You were right.” As humans we cannot be always right. Admit it when you’re wrong. Your children will respect you for it. There are chances that they will own up their mistakes also.

26. “I can see that you’re becoming more . . .” Fill in the blank with “disciplined”, “positive”, “happy child”, “focused”, “organised”, “kind”, “responsible”, “helpful”, etc. as you observe even small positive changes in your children.

27. “I’m excited about doing this activity with you” This emphasises to your children that you actually enjoy doing activities/things together with them. The activities can be anything which both of you enjoy. Eg. Trekking, Painting, Cleaning Up, Cooking, etc, etc.

28. “That’s a good question.” Always encourage questions. By acknowledging your children’s curiosity, you’ll foster a spirit of lifelong learning in them.

29. “I accept you the way you are.” Parents should always encourage the inner qualities of the child. Every child is special. Parents want to raise children who are secure and self-confident. Saying this to your children is a good way to encourage them down the right path.

30. “You’re an important member of this family.” Parents should make the child feel important. Remind your children frequently of their value and significance as a member of the family.

Conclusion –

Let nature take a part in the upbringing your child. We will keep giving the ‘best’ what we think is the ‘best’ for us. By the way, best doesn’t have an actual definition in practicality.

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