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Left Brain v/s Right Brain.......

All parents want to give the best to their child. But the problem lies “best” does not have a proper definition. So as to give the best, their should be certain guidelines –

· The best type of school they can afford according to their budget.

· The extracurricular activities which can be provided to the child, in this both budget and time investment is required.

· The amount of quality time which can spent with the child.

“The first thing for parents is not to worry whether they’re giving their child the perfect combination of left-brain and right-brain activity."

Another example is coding, a seemingly logical activity. But some experts are developing programs for kids to learn to do coding with open-ended features that display the same creative thinking as, say, writing a poem or listening to music.

Or, consider a simple drawing of a hill scape. One child might use logic to figure out how to draw the hills first then clouds then river. Whereas another child will have a different approach. Two children may view an hour of drawing time differently as well. One prefers to trace an outline while another constructs a scenery around a beautiful landscape.

Many experts caution against parents doing too much to “create their children.” The key is letting each child experience activities how they may want to play and incorporating physical activities along with free play activities.

If you’re looking to raise a well-balanced child, look for activities that you enjoy doing together, and also that they enjoy doing on their own. “Think about the balance of a script the child has to follow along with free play, a perfect balance.

Left-brain characteristics and functions

Left-brain functions are thought to include:

-Large muscle movements like walking, swimming, running.


-Nonverbal communication

-Emotional functioning

-Sensing understanding the situation in details, getting "the big picture”

Right brain characteristics and functions

The right brain hemisphere is thought to allow young children to understand concepts of more versus less, but the understanding of specific number values involves the left hemisphere.Other cognitive activities that tend to be governed by the right hemisphere of the brain include attention to, and processing the overall visual shape of items, understanding verbal ambiguity, and emotional and implied meanings.In terms of brain development, neuroscience research indicates that until about 3 years of age, the right brain hemisphere tends to have the primary role (is dominant) in brain function.

This was just a gist of the brain theory and parents outlook about parenting.

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