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It's All About Drinking Water

"Water"is the essence ofl.

Kiddo is Drinking and Playing With Water.

Think of water as a nutrient your body needs that is present in liquids, plain water, and foods. All of these are essential daily to replace the large amounts of water lost each day.

Benefits of Drinking Water

--Keeps active toddlers and preschoolers hydrated

--Reduces acid in the mouth that can cause cavities

--Helps growing toddlers and preschoolers maintain a healthy weight


Have water visible and available inside and outside the Pre School for the kids and their parents. It is a tradition in Indian culture to serve water to the guests. In the morning when the parents come to drop the kids, they are in a hurry so it is not mandatory. But in the evening, parents feel nice to get a glass of water when they come to pick the kids. They are bit relaxed.

Tips to Make Water Easily Available-

--Fill child-size water pitchers and let kids serve themselves.

--Use a shower caddy to carry water and cups outside.

--Invest in a small portable water cooler for outside use.

--Have small cups available.

--Avoid serving toddlers water in “sippy” cups or baby bottles.

--Many kids do not have a habit to drink water on their own, for them it becomes a necessity for the care provider to give them at regular intervals.

Tips to Make Drinking Water Fun-

Try adding fruit slices or berries to water for extra taste. This makes the water look attractive and adds a slight taste. Discuss with your teachers / friends and plan activities about water. Select a child to be the “water helper” for the day.

Kids in school need water for the following reasons:

· Keep their brains alive and working

· Water gives a child energy for brain functions, particularly thinking.

· It is needed for sustained focus energy

· Water can also help prevent attention deficit disorder in children (and adults). In fact, kids who drink plenty of water, their attention spans actually increase.

· Water integrates mind and body functions. It helps kids with the desire to make goals and have a purpose.

· Drinking Soda, Juice or Milk Doesn’t Count Toward Water Intake

· Many parents think that as long as their child is getting some form of liquid (milk, juice, soda) in their systems, they will be hydrated. This is partially correct. However, sodas and juices are loaded with sugar and sugar drains water from the colon and can cause constipation and/or diarrhea. Plus, the sodium in sodas increases dehydration. Kids don’t need excess salt or sugar in their diets. It reduces their ability to learn. They need water in the natural way.

· Water helps eliminating toxins from the body

· Water helps in flushing out the system

· Water helps in hydrating the skin

These are the few benefits of water for our body. More coming up in my next blog.

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