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How To Make Kids Clean Up - Part 2

These tips are directly from the mother-s mouth so in short, these are tried and tested tips which work.

· Make Sure Containers Are Child-Friendly

The containers / boxes are child friendly ie, the child can open and close it with ease. The position of the boxes are reachable by the kids. The ease to work should be more for the kids.

· Make It A Routine

It’s a normal part of our day to clean up before certain activities like meals, nap/bedtime, and before we leave the house. Teach your child how to choose a specific box and put specific type of toys in that eg, hot wheel cars.

· Break it Down

Break down big jobs into small tasks to make it seem more manageable. Even for adults, looking at a huge mess can seem like an overwhelming task and this is even more so for young children. Focus on one little task at a time and praise your child for their efforts. If the mess is more, clean in intervals. Don’t get exhausted to see the mess. Do not let your child take out more toys till the mess is not cleared. To avoid this mess in future, teach your child to play with one set of toy at a time.

· Make it a Game

We play a lot of games like ‘I am thinking of something Blue’ and the kids pick up all the things with blue and it continues with other colors till all toys are cleaned up. This way, kids get used to colors at least the common colors. Lastly, this game is fun to play also.

· Sing Songs

There are lot of cleaning up songs you can find on the internet. Try singing 2-3 cleaning up songs and your child can also sing along, then cleaning up will be fun.

· Use a Timer

I set a timer when it is clean up time and things need to be put away by a specific time especially before bedtime.

· Call the Toy Fairy

We have the Toy Fairy visit each night. She is a fairy that loves toys but does not have any of her own. She is not allowed to take toys that are put away, but if they are left out she thinks they are for her. This really works well for the kids. So go ahead and try this.

Lastly, try all these specified methods or try few of them.

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