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How to Make Kids Clean Up In A Fun Way-

These tips are directly from the mother-s mouth so in short, these are tried and tested tips which work.

· Start young-

Always give a small napkin or any cloth to your toddler while you are cleaning. The child finds a lot of pride in helping the parent. The parent can also ask the child to put the books in the rack or throw some garbage in the dustbin, the child will happily do.

· Less is More

Less toys, less choices, less tidying, less clutter, less things going missing. More play space, more easy access to the things you really love, more free play time. All kids get bored with any toy within 2 days so it is advisable to get a membership in a toy library where you can get toys on a weekly basis and then return it. It is easy on the pocket too.

· Separate Into Boxes

I have made separate boxes to keep different types of toys –

# A box for farm animals

# A box for big blocks

# A box for smaller blocks

# A box for junk toys

# A box for pegs

# A box for cars / dolls

Try to only get one box out at a time, then tidy away before getting out a new one. This process goes a long way.

· Set a Good Example

Firstly it’s about setting the right example. I can’t expect my kids to keep their rooms clean if I can’t keep mine clean. The parent has to keep his / her room decently clean.

· Give Them an Incentive

This can be any incentive but better to keep it short and sweet. This incentive can be an extra hour of television viewing, an ice cream scoop, etc etc. Try this technique only sometimes.

· Give a 5 Minute Warning

We give a five minute reminder before it’s time to start cleaning up to let them have those last minutes of play, it’s important to give a signal to children before transitions.

· Put the Toys to Sleep

Since my toddler does his clean up at night, we often say the different toys have to go to sleep and they have specific places where they go to sleep .

· One Set at a Time

Till the time kids learn to keep the toys tidy and are able to handle keeping it properly, they should be playing with one set of toys at one time, they don’t need to be taking a few from each box for play.

· Help Them Understand the Benefits

Parents should talk to the kids. It is not important that- how much they understand? So conversation is important. If you want a clean floor, tell them the advantages and disadvantages of clean floor and why you like clean floors.

· Be Specific

Specify the tasks to the toddler or your child. When they need a little instruction, I suggest specify tasks like, ‘Put all the Hot wheel cars in the smaller basket and up the medium cars in the big basket, rather than just saying ‘Clean up your toys.’ Toddlers and preschoolers often need simple and specific instructions.

Children arranging chalks in the box.

These are few ways. More ways coming up.....

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