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Food Fiction

Working parents are always at a fix. Daycares are well, almost perfect. There is no 100% in this world and the same goes for All Daycares also. At pickup one day, you see something that gives you a pause. Are “Chocos” a Healthy Snack. Or maybe their toilet-training techniques aren’t quite similar to yours. Sometimes it takes a little intervention on your part to make a good daycare situation great. Here are tips on tackling five common concerns.

Food friction The good news is that nutrition is a priority in today’s daycares. Day cares are required to provide healthy options and cover the four food groups, with many varieties approved by dietitians. Dietitians provide proper calorie measurement needed per child per meal. If you’re concerned that what looks healthy on paper doesn’t meet your real-life standards, speak to the supervisor and ask to physically see the menu and taste it also. Most daycares offer choices, and you can give your child’s priorities that your child skip something, such as tinned / processed juice or a processed food. You should also mention if your child is allergic to anything specific.

Licenced home care providers are required to follow similar regulations as daycare centres, with monitoring by their home care agency. If you have a concern about a snack, then speak to the coordinator, the Daycare can also help you work with the chef/cook to come up with a solution.

Unlicensed home care providers are not subject to supervision. While most do a great job, there is typically only one person planning the menu. So if you’re unhappy with the menu, it’s your job to ask for changes.

Some parents are skilled at tactfully approaching touchy topics, while others worry about offending the care provider and end up just letting things go.

“Some people can handle a bit of criticism easily and others might get defensive,”- it is usually seen. “Book an appointment or ask if it’s OK to pick up your child a little early one day so you can have a few minutes to talk about what your child wants to eat. That way, you have time, and she knows to expect the conversation.”


Explain about your child is a fussy eater or a normal eater. Start out by explaining what your child likes to eat at home or give suggestions for things you’d like to see on the menu.” If your care provider doesn’t post the menu, tell her it would be great to know what your child is eating during the day so you can better plan meals especially dinner and breakfast’. It can better as to I can tell you what the child prefers to eat. If the child doesn’t eat anything in particular on a particular day, the daycare can give option to the particular child or tell the parents to send something from home. It is on the discretion of the parents, what they want to do.

Usually, most of the daycares incorporate the smaller changes.

The Food Hustle

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