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Different Types of Childcare Facilities

We all know what is a daycare / day home. It is basically a home away from home. When both parents re working and no one to take care of the child at home, parents opt for a daycare. Day care in technical term can also be explained as Childcare Facility.

When you are looking for childcare, the first

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step is to find out what is available in your area. Travelling with an infant can be hectic as it is an everyday job. Kids also get cranky if they have to travel especially after they are picked up.

There are different types of ‘Day

cares’. They are basically divided according to -

· Age group of the child- It can be for infants / toddlers / children up to 10 yrs.

· Children with special needs.

· Childminders- Childminders look after children in their homes. They are likely to be looking after several children, of varying ages at any one time, including quite possibly their own. Your child will therefore be exposed to children of varying ages, as if in a joint family.

· Nannies- Nannies are paid to look after your child, in your home. They are likely to have good childcare qualifications ( if you are ready to pay for ) and a long-term experience in working with children. Although expensive, having a nanny can be a reasonably economical option if you have more than one child. It is also ideal if you work irregular hours, and cannot guarantee being home in time for a daycare pick-up, as it is the most flexible arrangement.

· Overnight Care Day cares- There may be a need for overnight care. Many parents work the night shift when it is almost impossible to find normal daycare. There are special overnight day cares which specialize in night care.

This is how day cares are commonly divided.

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