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@ Home @ Children @ Spending Quality Time

This Corona Virus Pandemic has given a lot of extra time to people. We have also spent this time well.

· We had virtual meets with friends and family

· Many of us took up different hobbies example:

-- Painting

-- Cooking, become a MasterChef in your own kitchen

-- Sculpturing

-- Gardening, connect with nature

-- Crafts

-- Drawing, pencil, charcoal, etc

· Journal Writing / Blogging

· Get Crafty, with papers, strings, weird stuff, etc

· Learn a new language, both national and international language.

· Sweat it out, take up a physical activity, yoga, running, aerobics, zumba, etc

· Connect with senior citizens, talking with them, virtual meditation class and yoga class for them. We also connected on the social platform/in the society by providing food (breakfast/lunch/dinner) according to their preference.

· Back to the ludo days. Snakes and ladders is also a interesting game. All age groups can play both these games.

· Kids are missing school. All activities are delayed by almost 2 hours. Kids love to do school in their pyjamas.

· Spending quality time with the kids.

· Inventing / discovering new indoor games for kids and adults.

· Kept the atmosphere of the house positive. Avoid fights, screaming and shouting. Contribute towards domestic help.

With lot of negatively around, we try and see the positives. There were quite a number of advantages which we took into account positively.

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