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Covid Times -- Balancing Work, Children and Home Front

We in India are used to big families and nuclear families, helpers, maids, associates, etc. The Covid times was the best time for multi tasking and balancing our lives for a better future. We all as a family had to contribute towards home front, well being and togetherness. Balancing all aspects of life is not easy.

Few points have been mentioned.

Balancing Work, Kids and Home front.

1. Set clear expectations.

Raising your voice about your problems is the best way to build understanding between work mates and you. This can be applied to your kids, husband and other family members. Many colleagues may be struggling wit h the same issues. Conversation always helps. Be transparent about your priorities and make your point clear about what can they expect from you.

In the same manner, talk to your kids. The kids will not get your full attention when you are home at Covid Times. You as a parent have to make your child understand.

2. Setting up boundaries.

Boundary-setting with kids can be tricky. It depends what age level they are. Few tips and tricks which may help you.

  • Try telling your child that how important work is so you have to work a certain amount of time every day. When I am working, you cannot disturb me. You have to wait until I finish.

  • Engaging them into an activity will be useful. It can be some online activity / educational video, etc.

  • If necessary, you can stay in the same room as your child, but focussing on your task will be difficult.

  • If your child interrupts, remind them that it’s work time for you and direct their attention to some activity.

  • When your work time is over, honor your commitment by stopping work, and then give your child your full attention again.

3. Always share your work with your partner. The father of the child is equally responsible for the child. Divide your time between you and your partner. Work alternatively and keep some overlap timing. Work on a daily / weekly routine with your partner. You need to have a strong communication goal with your partner.

4. It is advisable to have a proper routine for your child. Be consistent bedtimes and wakeup times for your child. You should have proper learning times, play times, meal times, etc. This can help you to schedule your work hours too. Engage kids instead of just occupying them. Whether your kids are e-learning through school or not, it’s important to keep their brains sharp and active during quarantine.

5. Try to keep all meeting virtual, this will help to stop the spread of the Virus.

6. When it becomes to stressful, take a break. It is always good to take a breather. You won’t have to be a perfectionist in your motherly duties, home front, office work, etc. There is always a limit which you want to reach. You as a person / parent / employee / employer have to decide that.

7. Take breaks. It is the way to success. It helps to increase your productivity and focus. It is always good to take some time for yourself, it helps to manage the stress levels.

8. Take some/any healthy activity for yourself. Do healthy activities that you enjoy. It can be ‘Yoga’, ‘Aerobics’, ‘Zumba’, etc. It is good for your physical health. It is better if all members of the family involve in some physical activity. It also makes your immunity strong.

9. Do few minutes of meditation. Few of the benefits of meditation is mentioned below:

Ø It helps to keep you mentally healthy.

Ø It helps to process all kinds of emotions.

Ø Many researchers have proved medication reverses the process of aging.

Ø The students who are involved in mindful. meditation achieve better results.

Ø Rapid memory recall involves with medication.

Ø Meditation helps in reducing the effects of drug abuse.

Ø Meditation is linked to creativity and new ideas.

Ø Meditation increases positivity.

Ø Meditation helps in better and faster information processing.

Ø Meditation enhances speech and communication.

Ø Meditation reduces the symptoms of panic disorders.

Ø Medication increases memory retention.

Ø Meditation helps you to add years to your life.

Ø Meditation helps you to stay happier.

These are few of the tips and tricks. Hope these are helpful.

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