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Child Centric Kindergarten

This practice has come into action a couple of years back. In this type of learning, the child is the center point of education. The idea actually dates back to the 19th century where kindergarten was believed to be “a garden for children”, a place where each child could grow at their own pace by exploring their unique interests. In this method, we can understand the interests / liking of children at early age. We can

accordingly divert their interest.

A Happy and Friendly Approach

Kindergarten program is an unique blend of Reggio-inspired and project-based learning. The project based learning helps the children to get more clarity on any subject.

This idea had developed and it has evolved in a better and fresher manner over the years into what’s become a very popular alternative for many parents who feel their child isn’t quite socially, emotionally and/or cognitively prepared for traditional kindergarten.

A Child-Centered Environment for My Child

The child-centered approach is thought to be an easier transition over traditional methods. The environment is more open and freer in comparison to traditional, academic; a theoretical approach is followed. The traditional method is thought to be a very old school method. It does not have any scope to incorporate new methods. It has a proper structure and a firm daily routine.

Many schools have a combination of all the methods which in such a way useful and beneficial to the children.

Kindergarten Checklist- Few parameters

-- Children should be able to handle their emotions, meaning they realise their feelings, but we can understand they are too tiny to handle their emotional ups and downs.

-- Motor skills are the basis for many kindergarten activities. “Fine Motor Skills” and “Gross Motor Skills” are the basics. Few examples are, throwing a ball, jumping, climbing, drawing, coloring, cutting, fitting puzzle pieces, etc.

-- A Sense of Curiosity. The children who asks questions, think independently, curious about smallest of things are considered to be more successful in life. Don’t consider success only on monetary grounds.

-- Caring. It can be caring for nature, caring for parents, caring for pets, etc. The emotions / feelings needs to be handled in an effective way.

Thus, I have discussed what is child centric kindergarten. More coming up in my next blog.

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