• Madhurima Majumder

Age Appropriate Chores for Kids-

Parents often find it difficult to work when kids are around. The best way to tackle this problem is by giving the “Child” work according to his / her age. In the last section of my page, I have mentioned a table which has been forwarded to me by a colleague.

Task for Ages 2 – 3 years-

Pick up bed sheets

from floor

Pick up toys in a basket

Throw away trash

Keep books in the book shelf

Dust your own table

Help fold clothes

Task for 3 – 4 years-

Start making your own bed

Clean under your bed

Water the Plants

Dust furniture of the house

Put dirty clothes in the washing machine

Wipe his dirty toys with wet cloth

Task for 5 – 6 years-

Make your own bed

Mop small part of the floor

Make easy and basic snacks

Empty the dishwasher

Start folding clothes

Clean his / her dirty shoes

Task for 6 – 7 years-

Fold clothees

Match socks

Make a simple sandwich eg. Cheese Sandwich

Keep his / her clothes properly in the cupboard

Clear his / her own school bag

Take a bath completely on their own

Task for 7 – 8 years-

Clear the dish washer

Bring basic grocery

Keep basic grocery in proper place

Wipe bathroom sink and vanity

Keep garbage out

Basic vacuuming

Task for 8 – 9 years-

Make a list for grocery needed

Watch younger sibblings for some time

Help in cleaning the garden / backyard

Help in cleaning the ca

Clean kitchen counter after basic use

Operate the washing machine- load and start

I have tried and listed some of the chores which can be handled by kids. There is always a but-

· Be the example first- Teach your child to do the work before giving responsibility.

· Be reasonable with your expectations- They are kids at the end of the day. They will lack in perfection. You have to put in simple efforts to make it perfect.

· Consider a reward chart- This will be helpful in teaching a child initially and getting the work done faster.

· Have consequense without being harsh- If a child does not do a task, their should be basic consequense. The child should also know about it. Mental preperation is very important.

· Include homework and mandatory activities. Don’t forget that kids have other obligations besides chores. Make sure there is plenty of time for homework and other mandatory activities. If you see that a child is struggling under the weight of all they have to do, consider removing some responsibilities or activities to relieve the burden.

· Make sure there are breaks- All work and no play. Kids become very bored and refuse to do it. Allow the kids to break up long chores. Surprise them by including fun activities in their chore charts. Slipping in a request for a swimming party among the regular chores can be very surprising and refreshing for them.

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