We are 'Daycare Experts'


Are you the high performing entrepreneur whose School/Daycare is not Functioning well, not getting the right amount of Children, Advertising costs are Huge, Quality Control is a problem.


So, in short, you are on the Verge of a meltdown. One wrong decision would hamper your Reputation and the Reputation of your School/Daycare. And of course! You will skip your Workouts, Miss your Friends Birthday Party and have Coffee at Odd Hours.


I have gone through similar situations where paying rent was a problem, delegating responsibilities was a problem, therefore spending too less time with family.


So here I am to rescue you from your current situation. Daycare experts include educational teachers, counselors, playground inspectors, aquatics specialists, security specialists, architects and teachers for special kids. Our experts are well trained and experienced in every aspect of their field.

We help you with 3 major situations

  1. Setting up a New Pre School

  2. Setting up a new Daycare

  3. Troubleshooting / Consulting your existing problem

  4. Run and market a preschool


At a glance, it might look like that above-mentioned thing are different from each other, but in fact, all three are linked with each other, having a difference with regard to the timeline of investment only.


We first understand and then provide you appropriate solution

The ONE thing which is the most important in the Preschool Scenario is the Teachers. The best Pre Schools are staffed by trained teachers who know how to build student’s self-regulation skills, nurture their creativity, curiosity and foster an environment of playful learning.


Safety of the Children is another important parameter. The other important factors are food and nutrition, open door policy, happy teachers.

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